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Wilson Almeida


With a degree in Digital Animation from ULHT, Wilson Almeida began his career as a 3D artist in the cross-media project “Mourinho and the Special Ones” in 2012. He has worked on PC, console, and mobile games, while working for several studios such as Bica Studios, Nerd Monkeys, and ONTOP Studios where he currently works as a Game Designer. In 2014 he began coordinating the Game Dev Meet event and ever since that experience he has been an active member of the Portuguese game development community as an organizer of several other events, in collaboration with multiple companies, higher education and research institutions, namely Microsoft, Miniclip, IST, ULHT and the Champalimaud Foundation. He taught Game Design at various institutions, such as Restart, Lisbon School of Design, and Universidade Lusófona.