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Bachelor's in Creative Technologies

Advertising, shows, radio and television are changing. All communication is becoming more technological and new audiences, especially people who go to concerts, or follow movies and series online, are looking for new ways to interact with their favorite content.

The degree in Creative Technologies was born to break barriers and allow those who, liking technology, but having a passion for the arts, audiovisuals, or advertising, to have a career in this area.

Each semester of the course in Creative Technologies explores a different technological area (video production and editing, digital cinematography, virtual and/or augmented reality, Internet of Things), working on multi-sensory and creative brand activation solutions and creating solutions that are tested in real events. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) in fashion, the creation of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences or the production of videomapping shows are some of the most emblematic works of the students in this degree.

This is the degree that will put your creativity to the test. You will be part of a community of students, teachers and professionals in the entertainment and communication industry.

Higher academic degreeYes
Duration3 years

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Why to study Bachelor's in Creatives Technologies?

International experience

The student will have the opportunity to live an international experience through our mobility programs, which will be announced soon. During one semester the students will have the opportunity to study in one of the top schools in the area:

  • NABA (Italy)
  • Abertay University (Scotland)
Facilities and equipment

In IADE facilities students have:

  • Theoretical and practical teaching rooms;
  • Computer Labs (Creative Tech Lab; Game Design and Development Lab; UX Lab);
  • 4 work ateliers for students;
  • Lounge for lectures;
  • Other labs: 3D Lab, Media Lab, with a photography studio and 2 analog photography labs, multimedia studio, radio editing lab, 2 sound studios, printing lab, network system lab, and library;
  • Students have access to labs for developing and testing digital artifacts, interactive projections, virtual reality simulators, consoles, mobile devices, drones, sensors, actuators, arduinos, raspberry Pi, and integrated circuits.
Real-World business experience

Throughout the degree, the student will have the opportunity to be in constant contact with companies, either through the development of projects or through participation in seminars.

Study plan

Consult the structure of the curricular plan

Programming Fundamentals242,5
Data Science Fundamentals242,5
Digital Aesthetics182,5
Information Design242,5
Cyberculture, Internet and Social Media242,5
Creative Programming365
Visual Human Factors182,5
Project I7010
Science Fundamentals for Creative Applications485
Mobile Programming242.5
Communication Design242.5
AR Programming242.5
Motion Graphics242.5
Project II8810
Web Programming485
Web Design485
Visual Web History242.5
Networks, Systems and Cloud Computing 242.5
Rapid Web Application Builders242.5
Project III8810
Graphics Programming485
Mathematics for Computer Graphics242.5
Stage Design242.5
3D Modeling242.5
Projection Systems242.5
Content Planning242.5
Digital Sculpting242.5
Project IV8810
Game Frameworks485
Game Design485
Non-Linear Storytelling242.5
VR Development485
Virtual Environment Design242.5
Projeto V8810
Emerging Creative Technologies485
Physical Computing242.5
Trend Creation242.5
Product Design242.5
Final Project8810

Admission exams

  • 16 Mathematics and 10 Descriptive Geometry or
  • 16 Mathematics and 07 Physics & Chemistry or
  • 16 Mathematics and 03 Design or
  • 16 Mathematics


Career opportunities

  • Software Development and Interactive Multimedia Experiences: It is a professional area that currently has a huge deficit of professionals and that is evolving more and more towards creative areas. Future professionals in CT will have development skills in the most recent and innovative technologies and development paradigms in the market.
  • Usability and user-centered experience (UX) designer: UX designers aim to ensure that the methods used by a company to interact with customers (such as websites and apps) are useful and appealing.
  • Sound Designer: This is an essential area of expertise within the multidimensional world of creative technologies. Sound design can refer to sound being constructed for use in a post-production context for film, documentary and television, such as sound effects and sound scores.

Other career opportunities:

  • Multimedia experience development and animation
  • 3D modeler
  • Web designer
  • Graphic artist
  • Film and TV content creator
  • Videographer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • E-designer
  • Mobile & Software Developer


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IADE presented me with a unique opportunity to study Creative Technologies in a multidisciplinary and emerging field, all while being taught entirely in English. It was an easy decision for me to choose Creative Technologies for my academic pursuits.
Josean Portilho

Global Bachelor in Creative Technologies


Candidates interested in joining IADE can apply throughout the year. The application process is limited by existing vacancies and the suitability of the candidate's profile to the study cycle of interest.

To start the admission process, the candidate must follow these 3 steps.

Certification and accreditation

Approved by A3ES em 20-09-2018

Self-evaluation report for the Bachelor's Degree in Creative Technologies .

Registration no. R/A -Cr 115/2018/AL01, of 28/07/2021

Order no. 8109/2021 , of 16 de August 2021, II series, no. 158 DR.

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