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Our method is unique

IADE's Academic Model, which is student-centered and based on experiential learning, promotes student interaction with teachers and their peers, enabling them to actively learn through problem-solving in real-life scenarios, critical thinking and reflection.

This approach provides an educational experience that allows students to learn by "doing", "being", "thinking" and "living ", acquiring the knowledge, skills and competences that promote their maximum employability in a globalized world, through integrated learning within a holistic vision of the professions.

In addition to an advanced technological infrastructure, IADE's academic, research and professional experience staff play a decisive role in the Academic Model, in order to respond effectively to the needs of the professional world and trends in Higher Education.

IADE's Academic Model challenges students to be active, critical and reflective participants during their learning and development process.

Innovative Pedagogical Practices

Our academic approach

The role of the teacher in the Academic Model is to accompany the student throughout their journey, while promoting and participating in their personal and professional development. In the classroom, the teacher will guide them through the different learning methodologies that make up each pillar of the model, guaranteeing the development of the skills and values present in our vision of a globalized world.

Thus, in order to respond to society's current needs, IADE's Academic Model focuses primarily on the student and, centered on Experiential Learning, is based on six educational dimensions.

The Academic Model's six pillars: