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The International Office of IADE-UE develops initiatives in the field of international academic cooperation and mobility, in line with the mission of developing global professionals. It manages and promotes cooperation agreements and programmes with partner Universities with the objective of providing our students, academic staff, researchers and other staff members the opportunity to benefit from a teaching experience abroad, thus contributing to their personal and professional enrichment, such as by accompanying teachers and researchers who visit the University and greatly contribute to the development and recognition of this institution’s teaching quality.

As a student, there are several that you can benefit from.

International Week

Every year IADE-UE organizes an International Week, an event aimed at Professors and colleagues from International Relations Offices of Partner Universities.

The 18th International Week will take place from 4th to 8th March 2024, under the theme "Embracing AI for Humanity: Technology and sustainability for education". For more information, please contact:

Mobility for Lecturers and Staff (Outgoing)

The IADE-UE encourages the entire community of teachers and staff to undertake a period of international mobility, considering it not only a fundamental activity for its internationalisation process, but also a vehicle for personal and professional development of its employees. To this end, a competition for staff mobility is organized annually (usually in October) through which grants financed by the Programme Erasmus + are awarded.