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Achieve your goals with the flexibility you need

IADE offers a dynamic and motivating learning environment, with the necessary flexibility to articulate the student's personal, academic and professional life, with the resources that ensure a 100% online high quality education.

It gives the possibility to attend training programmes in the areas of knowledge at IADE and to develop the most valued professional skills today.

At IADE, the student will have virtual classes taught by the best teachers, quality content and innovative tools such as collaborative software and simulators.

All this is possible thanks to an innovative, creative and transformative methodology based on three pillars:


The student chooses the pace of their study in order to make their academic life compatible with their personal and professional life.


We accompany students throughout their journey to ensure that their experience is complete, integrating their expectations and professional experience into the teaching-learning process.


Connected online and networked through multiplatforms, the student is in constant interaction with colleagues, teachers, tutor and academic manager.

Balancing personal, professional and academic life

Our 100% Online Teaching is guided by its flexibility and provides a differentiating value proposition, through a personalised model which is fully adapted to each student. This modality responds to the challenge of work-life, family and academic balance (reskilling or upskilling) and is materialised through a learning process par excellence, in a faculty of proven expertise in their teaching area, as well as classes where the student has access to the latest trends through the analysis of practical and current cases.

Through this model, students will have access to weekly virtual classes, which they can watch live or access later. In these classes, teachers will share the content, and students will have the opportunity to be able to actively participate.

The student will have content thought out and designed by the best experts to facilitate agile and effective learning, properly planned so that they can develop their own pace of study.

With elements such as:

  • Collaborative tools that will allow the student to work as part of a team in the completion of projects and challenges based on real life situations;
  • High-value videos that will provide an enhanced experience. Interviews and presentations by reference professionals and simulations of real processes or scenarios focused on the professional world.

The student will have a tutor to support them throughout their learning experience with us. The tutor will accompany them, in a totally personalized way, so they only have to worry about their studies and quickly reaching their goals.

In addition to the virtual classes, the professor will be at their disposal to clarify any questions the students may have through personalised mentoring.

Additionally, to facilitate student organization, student’s will have at their disposal a dashboard that will allow them to quickly access relevant information about their studies: progress with continuous assessments, message status, forum notifications, among others.

An intuitive and dynamic virtual campus

We offer the best experience in the learning journey through:

Communication tools

With colleagues and faculty that foster collaborative learning.

Virtual labs

With all the software necessary to carry out your studies.

24x7 support

Via telephone and chat, for asking technical questions.

CRAI Library

Available and accessible online study support

Will accompany the student in this challenge so that they can achieve their professional goals and provide value to the world.

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