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Fábrica-IADE is the organisation which manages IADE’s special projects

These special projects are based on 3 lines of action:

Fabricação Paralela
Parallel Factory
Extracurricular exercises and projects that are carried out in collaboration with civil society partners.
Fabricação Curricular
Curricular Factory
Exercises and projects that are carried out with partner institutions, in an academic context.
Fabricação do Futuro
Future Factory
Projects designed and created from the ground up through individual initiatives, characterised by their experimental and speculative nature.

Fábrica is the prime point of contact and sharing between students, teachers and partners, a common ground that links IADE to the market and society, and which has support units such as the Observatory, the Special Projects unit, the Study Lab, the Digital Lab, the 3D Lab, the Media Lab, the Print Lab and the Tech Lab.

The Fábrica-IADE’s mission is to leverage the reputation and the recognisability of the IADE brand, through projects where the entire community’s participation is key.

This unit, which produces value and knowledge, calls students and teachers work together across disciplines in curricular and extracurricular projects.


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