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COVID-19 | Production and donation of personal protection visors

IADE developed personal protection equipment to combat COVID-19 for donation between March and April 2020.

Fábrica-IADE’s 3D lab created a personal protection project for health professionals and other professionals who have to guarantee indispensable services and public care, in the context of measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 infection.

The faculty developed a design and production project from scratch for visors that contribute safety protection and minimise the spread of the virus, bearing the scarcity of this type of medical equipment during the pandemic in mind.

Analysed and validated by health professionals, and respecting the regulations in terms of material and hygiene, IADE visors are easy to use and are reusable. Developed with the transparent polycarbonate material 0.75 mm, PLA (polylactic acid) and Nautical Elastic, its production is mainly based on laser cutting technology and with the use of 3D printing, which enables greater production in a shorter time frame.

With design by Vasco Milne, 3D modelling by Ruben Martins and Miguel Diniz, and production by Vasco Milne, Diamantino Abreu and Ruben Martins, this project allowed the production of 360 visors in just two around the clock days.