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The uninvented future is now!

The preview of an uninvented future is being commanded by two areas that increasingly converge in their areas of action: creativity and the technological world.

And IADE is clearly betting on this marriage, which is increasingly successful.

Most new businesses, new products and services that arise, are brilliant combinations of creativity and technology, which proves not only that technology and creativity have a fruitful relationship, but also that this marriage has a very strong potential in business areas.

In which fields will Design venture into? And Marketing, Advertising and Communication areas, will they be increasingly cross-disciplinary and digital? And the technological areas? Will they have to grow in conjunction with design or not? What job will the creative of the future have? Is this job invented? These are good questions that force us to better answers. Better answers lead us to better predictions of the future. And the best answers are clearly in IADE with avant-garde higher education and with a clear focus on active pedagogical practices.

And the future tells us that we will also have to be more international. And we already are, and we will be even more international.

The future is promising!

IADE clearly invests in the future of its students, because in addition to classes, it provides immersive experiences with the business market. It provides creative challenges with companies. It provides above all a connection to the real world that is translated into employability.

The uninvented future is now!

It is now and it is here. At IADE!