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Edgar Jesus


With a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from ISCTE-IUL, in 2011 he changed industry to work as a Game Designer. Throughout the years he's been a freelancer, working as a Graphic, UI/UX, Level and Game Designer, besides also doing consulting on Business Development, for several independent studios such as Massive Galaxy Studios, Grow Animation Studios, Ground Control Studios, Zarc Attack, Vertical Reach, Whales & Games, and others. Frequently, since 2015, he's dedicated part of his time to participate in national and international game jams (winning a couple), and as an active member of the Portuguese game development community, giving talks and organizing events such as the Global Game Jam (nationally), Game Dev Student Showcase, Games for Good, and Game Dev Meet. In 2017, he co-founded Nectar Interactive - Bee Engineering's business unit dedicated to the creation of Gamification and Advergame solutions - where he worked as Lead Game Designer and Business Manager until 2019. Since then, he's co-founded his own studio, Fly Home, and has been teaching Game Design and Level Design at various institutions, such as ETIC Algarve and ETIC Lisbon, currently working as an Assistant Professor of Game Design at the Games Development bachelor’s degree at IADE - Universidade Europeia.