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Carlo Turri


Carlo Turri is active in the field of Communication Design, with particular interest on moving images and emerging media. Since his graduation thesis project –animated films for dissemination of Geometry– he has been keeping exploring the area where visual communication intersects the domains of science, technology, education, culture. His doctoral work focused on the progressive expansion of graphic design field toward the cinematic practices. His thesis Languages of Animation: tools for visual communication between innovation and continuity explores the animated medium through historic, theoretical and technical perspectives, and it outlines several approaches in defining Motion Design as distinctive discipline.

The post-doc research project Communicating Complexity: models and techniques for techno-scientific dissemination has been integrated with design and teaching activities carried at the AnimazioneDesign Lab / University of Sassari. Communicating Technology: identity and information for products, services, companies was two-years Autonomous Region of Sardinia funded research program ended in 2016. By closely working within the IT sector, Carlo Turri kept investigating a wide variety of communication approaches and techniques intercrossing the areas of UIX design, video production, infographics and data visualization. Since 2018 he’s Assistant Professor at IADE Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication - Universidade Europeia (Lisbon). His teachings span across the areas of Motion Design, Audio-Visual Communication, Image Theory, Animation and Data Visualization.