Revolutionising quality of life: Professor Bernarda's success story
8 maio 2023
IADE professor João Bernarda is a designer and his scientific work is related to collaborative design methodologies in the social and health sectors.

He is currently working on a cognitive stimulation project in a cooperation protocol with the Alzheimer Association Portugal and CERCICA Cascais, where he collaborates with the project development department, which allows him to develop research studies that demonstrate the importance of design integration in the development and production of adapted projects.

With his background and belief that design can help people with intellectual and developmental difficulties, he thought of a way to design and manufacture personalised products that would improve the autonomy of these people.

The projects created and adapted by the professor take advantage of materials such as filaflex and 3D printing technology, and have application in CERCICA and Alzheimer Portugal Association projects.

"So far, positive results have been obtained in obtaining new data on the mental state and abilities of users, thanks to the development of new adapted products that we print with materials such as Filaflex", says João Bernarda who, with his projects, manages to make a difference in the lives of these people.

Among the objects created and adapted we have the example of straws, spoons and bottles.


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