Testimonials from some of IADE’s partner companies:


Filipa Caldeira | CEO of FullSix Iberia

“Creative talent is one of FullSix’s pillars of success. Our sound partnership with IADE, which has already been in effect for over seven years, has allowed us to ensure continued renewal of high level resources and which are key to keeping FullSix ahead in digital marketing. Through IADE, we regularly add new talent which demonstrates high quality, great working capacity and rapid integration and growth in the business world.”


Tim Solomon | Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Portugal

“We are in the people business - and there is a simple lesson to be learnt: The agencies that have the best talent do the best work and have the best market performance.

Over the years, we have worked closely with IADE giving its young talent the opportunity to work at Ogilvy. Every year we welcome a handful of students. We are very pleased with the results and with the ability of these young stars to become the top talent we seek.”


Carlos Coelho | IADE Alumni, Creator of brands, Chairman of Ivity Brand Corp

“My passion for brands started at IADE. It was there that I explored new horizons of knowledge and where I met people who changed my life. I met my first partners, and created by first brand - NOVODESIGN. With Paulo Rocha, the most brilliant Portuguese designer who also graduated from IADE, I run Ivity, my current brand, with a working relationship and friendship that this year celebrates 30 years in Brands”.


Nuno Pinto de Magalhães | Director of Communication and Institutional Relationships at Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas (SCC)

“These challenges with Students, and in this case with those from IADE, are essential for Cerveja Sagres [Portuguese Beer], believing in and enhancing the competencies of their talents and giving them the opportunity to also get to know the real needs of Companies, first hand. In a year in which Cerveja Sagres celebrates its 75th year, the launch of its new tower for draught beer, our very first 100%-Portuguese-designed tower, designed by IADE finalists, most certainly contributed to the development of excellence in academic instruction and the promotion of national talent.”