25 de Abril: histórias mil: IADE students produce content on the 50th anniversary of April 25

7 maio 2024

As part of the Fundamentals of Journalism course, IADE/European University Communication Sciences students developed a website and produced journalistic content about April 25, as a way of celebrating 50 years of democracy in Portugal.

In response to the challenge of journalistic experimentation presented by professors Paulo Victor Melo and Célia Reis, the students wrote news stories, recorded and edited videos, produced podcasts and created posters on issues such as censorship, repression, freedom of expression, women's rights, among other topics.

Many of the projects feature the voices of women and men who lived through April 25, 1974. They are grandparents, parents, relatives and friends of IADE students, who tell their memories and stories as citizens, political prisoners, soldiers or activists.

Other content echoes the voices of journalists and artists who were prominent on April 25, such as Joaquim Furtado and Paulo de Carvalho, who were interviewed by the students.

For teacher Paulo Victor Melo, the project is an opportunity for students to "get to know the past better and thus understand the present, defend democracy and build the future".

Professor Célia Reis highlights the importance of the students' active involvement in the production of this journalistic content, in which "it was a process of remarkable dedication and exemplary commitment on the part of the students to research, interview and narrate stories that recover crucial moments in their lives and in our democracy".

The aim of this work was not only to honor the memory of those who fought for freedom, but also to reaffirm the commitment of IADE/European University Communication Sciences students to democratic values and the importance of journalism in building an informed and aware society.

All content is available on the website: www.abrilhistoriasmil.com

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