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Maria Cadarso


Maria Cadarso holds a PhD in Design, with a thesis on Sustainable Communication Design, defended in 2013 at the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon. Since 2014 she has been faculty member at IADE - Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication of the European University, having also worked at other universities. She began her professional career in advertising agencies and newspapers, with extensive experience in advertising and editorial design. From 2000 to 2020, she had her own design studio - SUSTENTA DESIGN, focussing on eco-design and, later, on design for sustainability, and with this, broadening her experience in communication design project, very consistently. She’s a member of UNIDCOM, IADE's research centre. She regularly participates in the New European Bauhaus movement, mainly through the NEB Stewardship Lab, of which she is one of the coordinating members. She regularly works on research projects. She often collaborates on projects with the European network of knowledge transfer, COST. She continuously investigates how to better prepare higher education students for the systemic challenges of sustainability, in the specificity of the contribution that Communication Designers can make. For more information follow the website | https://sustainablecommunication.design/.