We didn't stop at IADE.

You didn't stop either.

 We are now ready to share with you the new future. 


IADE is prepared to give these answers and to present an innovative teaching proposal:


Based on our institutional nature and the challenges of the new millennium, we improved our academic model. The aim is to evolve our teaching and learning model, always having the student at the center of our academic community.

A project for teaching that allows students and their families to look to the future with optimism and confidence, guaranteeing the quality of learning.


A future based on the personalization and autonomy of study, on the flexibility of classes and the possibility for students to enjoy exclusive content that will be permanently available through their mobile phone or computer, i.e., anywhere.

Experiential Learning Hyflex is a journey that combines human knowledge and the most advanced technology. It is a flexible and personalized academic model that uses both the physical classroom and virtual platforms, redesigning the learning environment, enabling both campus and distance learning.

 Digital-Based Learning 

We believe in the importance of the student experience using the best digital technologies.

 HyFlex Model 

We believe that the flexibility of teaching and learning models are determinant for the success of students according to the time available.

 Blended Learning 

We will unfold the teaching methods through a teaching and learning model that articulates face-to-face lessons and distance learning, always preserving the students' contact with faculty.

Get ready for one of the best experiences of your life.


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