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Global Bachelor's in Creative Technologies

What can you expect from the Degree in Creative Technologies?

  • It responds directly to the market, developing the necessary and required skills of the future hybrid professionals in the areas of audiovisual, digital, multimedia, web and mobile applications, and games;
  • It combines computing, design, art, and humanities allowing the student to develop a mixed profile, based on an artistic and technical component;
  • It provides the opportunity to live multi-sensory experiences through video production, digital cinematography, virtual reality, video editing, 3D printing, Internet of Things, CAD / CAM, technology usability, computer graphics and software engineering;
  • It enables the student to acquire competences in video editing, visual effects, 2D animation, multimedia, game design and computing;
  • Is it the most innovative bachelor degree in Portugal, being taught entirely in English, preparing the student, from the very first day, for an international career;
  • In each semester, the learning process is based on a real project, guided and supported by teachers and industry representatives;
  • It allows the student to work as a team, developing projects together with reputed faculty and with guests from the industry;
  • Upon completion of the bachelor degree, the student is able to present a portfolio to the industry with all the semestral projects included;
  • It includes a compulsory semester of international mobility, which gives the student an essential global approach.
Higher academic degree
3 years
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Why to study Global Bachelor's in Creatives Technologies?

International Experience

The student will have the opportunity to live an international experience through our mobility programs, which will be announced soon. During one semester the students will have the opportunity to study in one of the top schools in the area:

  • NABA (Italy)
  • Abertay University (Scotland)
Facilities and Equipment

In IADE facilities students have:

  • Theoretical and practical teaching rooms;
  • Computer Labs (Creative Tech Lab; Game Design and Development Lab; UX Lab);
  • 4 work ateliers for students;
  • Lounge for lectures;
  • Other labs: 3D Lab; Media Lab, including photography studio, 2 analog photography labs, audiovisual régie, multimedia studio, radio editing lab, 2 sound studios, printing lab, networking lab; and library.
  • Students have access to labs for developing and testing digital artifacts, interactive projections, virtual reality simulators, consoles, mobile devices, drones, sensors, actuators, arduinos, raspberry Pi, and integrated circuits.
Real-World Business Experience

Throughout the degree, the student will have the opportunity to be in constant contact with companies, either through the development of projects or through participation in seminars.

Study plan

Consult the structure of the curricular plan

Programming Fundamentals242,5
Data Science Fundamentals242,5
Creativity and Critical Thinking242,5
Information Design485
Creative Programming485
Visual Human Factors242,5
Project I8810
Science Fundamentals for Creative Applications485
Mobile Programming242.5
Communication Design242.5
AR Programming242.5
Motion Graphics242.5
Project II8810
Web Programming485
Web Design485
Visual Web History242.5
Networks, Systems and Cloud Computing 242.5
Rapid Web Application Builders242.5
Project III8810
Graphics Programming485
Mathematics for Computer Graphics242.5
Stage Design242.5
3D Modeling242.5
Projection Systems242.5
Content Planning242.5
Digital Sculpting242.5
Project IV8810
Game Frameworks485
Game Design485
Non-Linear Storytelling242.5
VR Development485
Virtual Environment Design242.5
Projeto V8810
Emerging Creative Technologies485
Physical Computing242.5
Trend Creation242.5
Product Design242.5
Final Project8810

Admission exams

  • 16 Mathematics and 10 Descriptive Geometry or
  • 16 Mathematics and 07 Physics & Chemistry or
  • 16 Mathematics and 03 Design or
  • 16 Mathematics


Get to know the coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree.

Career opportunities

  • Creative Directors
  • UX Designer
  • Videographer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • E-designer
  • 2D and 3D animator
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Software Developer


Candidates interested in entering IADE will be able to formalize their candidacy throughout the year, in person or via Online Application. The application process is subject to the existing vague and to the adaptation of the profile of the candidate to the cycle of studies of interest. To start the Admission Process, the candidate must follow these 3 steps:

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1. Information Request

Schedule a meeting with an Admissions Advisor

1. Information Request

Schedule a meeting with an Admissions Advisor

2. Documentation

Gather the requested documentation in the admission process

3. Candidature

Progress with the formalization of the candidacy, in person or online

Certification and Accreditation

Aprovado pela A3ES em 20-09-2018

Registo nº R/A -Cr 115/2018/AL01, de 28/07/2021

Despacho n.º 8109/2021, de 16 de agosto de 2021, II Série nº 158 D.R.

(available only in Portuguese)

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