Students Testimonials

What International Students say about us…

Alberto Piovesan, exchange student from Italy
"I’ve been in Erasmus to your university during the first semester and I really want to say you thanks!
In these 5 months i felt very well, I had the opportunity to interact with a lot of different people and cultures, to learn a new language and in particular I had the big opportunity to approach design with a new point of view!
All the classes that i attended were very stimulating and interesting, i learnt a lot from all of them in a pleasant atmosphere and with GREAT professors, always very kind and well disposed!
I appreciated also the possibility to approach to the 3D printing techniques interacting with all the friendly and helpful people of the Lab.
On the other hand I tried to offer my enthusiasm, my experience and my own italian culture! Thanks again for giving me this great opportunity that will be unforgettable and for sure very useful for my future career.
I really hope to come back to Lisbon and IADE very soon!"

Leena van Loon, exchange student from Belgium
"In the beginning it was not easy to adapt to another school in another country. A lot of things were different but I got used to it really quickly. The teachers at IADE where so nice and helped us with whatever they could. I fell in love with Lisbon and all it’s beautiful places, the food, the language and the people. Thank you for contributing in this experience!"

Natália Petrová, exchange student from Slovakia
"IADE was my first experience of travelling and studying abroad with Erasmus +. I was really impressed by the area and school environment, never the less by warm welcome from the teachers that were real professionals with good temper. Students were also very tolerant and willing to help or explain everything needed in English. The courses gave me the knowledge i will use for my next studies for sure. I am really grateful for such pleasant and enriching experience."

Sara Mascarin, exchange student from Slovenia
"My experience with IADE University was really a good experience. Before coming to Lisbon I was really afraid that my lack of knowledge of Portuguese language would affect my studies, but right after I arrived my fears went away. Most lectures were actually thought in English, even though there were maybe only one or two exchange students in the class. All of the professors are professional and they truly know about their fields, so if there were any problems they immediately helped us (also through e-mail). Without any doubts I would recommend to students who would like to do an Erasmus exchange to come here, not only because Lisbon is a beautiful city, but also because IADE is one of the best schools in Europe. What you will learn here, you will know it for the rest of your life."