Labs and Support Centres

All research activities are supported the the Laboratories and the Support Centres of IADE.


  • IADE Media Lab comprises three modular operative structures, qualified as nucleus:
    Photography and Audio-visual Production Nucleus, with properly equipped studios for training in the fields of audio-visual and media production;
  • Digital Laboratory, which is suited to support editing and research in the communication design field, articulating digital imaging with analogical photography and web design;
  • IADE-UX.Lab –User Experience Laboratory, which integrates LIVE - Laboratory of Visual Information and Eyetracking. It is a laboratory focused on the study of perceptive and cognitive aspects of interaction, user experience (UX), usability, interaction and interface design, as well as design for ageing.
  • IADE 3D Lab is an interaction and creativity space, intended mainly to support education and research in IADE-U, providing a set of modelling technologies, pre-fabrication and testing, which allows the possibility of involving lecturers, researchers and students in the development of a distinguishing learning and practice - based on "knowing how to do" - in various forms, both at the level of concrete systems of representation, tridimensional modeling with different materials, and the level of techniques and technologies usage - standard and new technologies - employed on the construction of tridimensional material models.
  • Studio Lab of IADESchool Agency which aims to develop a new dimenaion of the IADE brand; to promote and train the “training junior” in the job market within a school context; offers projects that associate the research to the practice of design, photography, visual culture, marketing and advertising; brings closer higher education to the job market.


IADE Editions

The IADE Editions foster and disseminate, mainly, the research of IADE faculty members, aiming at providing didactic support to students and sharing knowledge in the scientific community, encompassing in its publications subjects such as Design (History and Research), Digital, the Company and Management, Education, Statistics, Photography, Illustration, Fashion, Marketing, Advertising Law, etc. From the harmonious interaction between the IADE Editions and the Design and Communication Research Unit, you can expect publication of interest relevant to both students and experts, and the public interest.

See the IADE Editions Catalogue here >>


Data Mining Lab

The Data Mining Lab aims, mainly, at developing and validating - with the intersection (triangulation) of mixed methodologies (quali-quanti) - model calculations, measuring systems to gauge and synchronise objective and subjective data, and other devices applied to operational research and to business intelligence with the purpose of supporting agencies, namely SMEs to: (1) more effectively monitor and adjust, continuously and in real-time, the performance of brands, products and services and customer satisfaction and loyalty; (2) develop new products, services and brands, through dialogue-based co-creation for the generation of value and of flows of open innovation.

To complement its objectives, the Data Mining Lab also aims to support (3) the activities carried out by IADE-U and UNIDCOM through training actions and consultancy in research methods and techniques and in the treatment and analysis of data to aid the research groups and their researchers, the faculty and students in their professional, academic and research practices and projects.

Finally, it aims at contributing to UNIDCOM's mission to generate networking and the transfer of knowledge to the market, and to produce operational research and scientific knowledge based on empirical studies and experimental testing.


António Quadros Library

IADE's Library is, primarily, to aid education and research at the institution, although it is open to the general public.

The Library currently holds about 10,000 monograph titles and approximately 60 titles of periodic national and foreign publications. The collection is essentially focused on the areas of Design, Marketing, Advertising, Photography and Visual Culture, but works on Art History, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Business Management and other subjects can also be found.  Also available for on-site use are reference works (dictionaries and encyclopaedias) and academic theses.

It also offers platforms for database access: EBSCO (Art Source; Business Source Complete; Communication Source; ACM Digital Library); TGI – Marktest; Nielsen Portugal Yearbooks.

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