Universities as powerful accelerators towards sustainability
6 abril 2023
What is the role of universities as agents of change for a paradigm shift towards sustainability through the systemic integration of the Stewardship dimensions: knowledge, agency and care?

This was the motto for the NEB Stewardship Lab #1 Lisbon Edition workshop, organized by IADE with the purpose of highlighting some of the best case-studies carried out, so far, by the NEB Stewardship Lab coordination team.

Being sustainability a topic on the agenda, the European society needs, more than ever, the contribution of universities and other higher education institutions.

The results of the workshop after discussion were very interesting and it was perceived that there is a common culture of sustainability that has been growing, mainly because it is no longer a technical language and there are many projects that touch us, motivate us, interest us and, above all, appeal to a younger public, as is the case of the students.

At the end, after the debate, a model was built based on three pillars: Knowledge, Agency and Care, as it was considered that there is a direct relationship between these three theoretical concepts, and its evidence was demonstrated in the various projects that the NEB S LAB working group has been identifying.

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