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GLOBAL Bachelor Degree in Design 

António Gorgel

Course Coordination

António Gorgel


This Bachelor’s Degree is based on PBL - project-based learning - where the Project curricular unit leads the semester. In each semester there is a project that combines all the curricular units of that semester. Also included in the study plan is a Professional Exploration curricular unit which introduces a very interesting feature: there's a pause in the semester and projects are carried out in collaboration with companies.

This BA in Design Global has a very strong international component and it shows not only by the classes being taught in English, but with the presence of international academic staff and a mandatory mobility semester. This international semester may be done through Erasmus or at one of the best design schools in the world: Media Design School, in New Zealand, or at NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, USA.

Additionally, all students also receive, during their 3-year degree, the Adobe Pack.


International Experience

The international component of the Bachelor’s Degree in Global Design is evident not only because of the faculty it comprises, but also because of the international semester it offers its students. During a semester, the students get the chance to study in two of the best design schools in the world:

  • NABA, in Italy
  • NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego
  • ELISAVA, em Espanha.
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Real-World Business Experience

During this Bachelor’s Degree in Design, students will have constant contact with the business world, both through seminars with renowned leaders and professionals, and through shadowing experiences, projects with companies and the possibility of carrying out traineeships.




The Bachelor’s Degree in Global Design is centred on learning models of project-based learning. The course is design around integrated project curricular units, these being the glue and the backbone of the entire degree.

The various areas of design are combined progressively, thereby providing students with an instrumental matrix in their learning process.

The relationship with the market is clear. The students are involved in real projects and challenges with companies and studios, working on projects in areas such as health, sustainability, industry, technology, art, culture and leisure.

Carlos Rosa

Dean at IADE 

Schedule / Duration

Daytime / 6 Semesters


September/ October 



Santos - Lisbon

Career Opportunities

  • Global Designer (integration of all areas in the same project)

  • Graphic/ Product/ Multimedia/ Environmental/ Interaction/ Service Designer

  • Project/Creative Agency Leadership Roles

  • Design Thinker

  • Strategist in Creative Industries

  • Business Designer

  • Consultancy Projects

  • Research in Art and Design, Art Culture and Technology

1st YEAR

1st Semester

Theory of Shape 24 2.5
Semiotics 24 2.5
Contemporary Art History 24 2.5
Design Methodology 48 5
Communication Drawing 48 5
2D and 3D Structure Project 72 7.5
Professional Exploration I 40 5

2nd Semester

Theory of Perception 24 2.5
Models and Prototypes Workshop 24 2.5
Graphic Workshop 24 2.5
Digital Studio I 48 5
History of Design 48 5
Integrated Project I 72 7.5
Professional Exploration II 40 5

2nd YEAR

3rd Semester

Social and Cultural Studies 24 2.5
Photography Lab 24 2.5
Production Materials Lab 24 2.5
Ergonomics 48 5
Digital Studio II 48 5
Integrated Project II 72 7.5
Professional Project I 40 5

4th Semester

Design Management 24 2.5
Visual Narrative Lab 24 2.5
Multimedia Lab 24 2.5
Usability and UX 48 5
Digital Studio III 48 5
Integrated Project III 72 7.5
Professional Project II 40 5

3rd YEAR

5th Semester

Design and Visual Contemporary Culture 24 2.5
Visualization and Information Lab 24 2.5
Digital Animation LAb 24 2.5
Space and Environments 48 5
Digital Studio IV 48 5
Integrated Project IV 72 7.5
Professional Project III 40 5

6th Semester

Marketing 24 2.5
Innovation 24 2.5
Branding and Advertising 24 2.5
Rehearsal 24 2.5
Global Design Studio 144 15
Professional Project IV 40 5

Certification and Accreditation

Aprovado pela A3ES em 07-04-2016

R/A -Cr 49/2016/AL02, a 02/08/2021

Despacho n.º 8543/2021, de 27 de agosto de 2021, II Série nº 167 D.R.


(available only in Portuguese)

For entry to the Design Global Bachelor’s Degree course, students must submit one of the following admission exams: 

Descriptive Geometry

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