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IADE's Students Association is the academic body that represents all students of the institution, with the main goal of improving the academic experience. We also represent IADE and its student body, both within the faculty and at a national level.

We act according to the stimulus we receive always trying to broaden the tools within the creative areas (such as design, photography, marketing, animation, games, among others) always contributing for the best academic benefit in the recreational, cultural, sportive and pedagogical direction.


The Student Association of IADE was founded in 1995 as a result of the growing need of some students to demand better conditions and to be heard inside the University. At that time at Rua do Alecrim, Palácio Quintela, there was an "Unofficial" group that played its role in representing their peers in an informal way. These students were behind the organization and entrance of IADE in the world of Associativism.

In 1995 IADE, then presided by Dr. António Ferro, resisted the formation of a Students' Association, but the students' will spoke louder and the group led by Bruno Pereira, Rui Bravo Proença and Nuno Gomes constituted the first Association, opening that same year the electoral period for which they would run as an independent list (non-party), in opposition to their competition that was linked to the party youths.

This group, which would win the elections and officially form the first Board of Directors of IADE's Student Association, had Bruno Pereira as President and was composed of the following students: Rui Bravo Proença, Nuno Gomes, Ricardo Santos, Rui Barbosa, Francisco Galamba, Nair Valente, Luisa Lente and Miguel Gusmão.

One of the first official acts of the newly founded IADE Students Association would be the official implementation of the IADE Academic Costume (inspired by Luís Mileu's acts, among other colleagues, in 1992), after a General Students Meeting, where the academic referendum regarding the official IADE student's dress code was voted and approved.

Over the years, Student Association of IADE would live great moments, have great Presidents and Directions: Sara Gonçalves (1997-1999), Rodrigo Saraiva (1999-2001) who would later also preside the Lisbon Academic Association, Vasco Ribas (2001-2002), Ricardo Ribeiro (2003-2004), Rui Beirão (2004-2005), Vanessa Ferreira (2005-2006), Maria Soares (2006-2007), Vanda Martins (2007-2008), Helena Rosa (2008-2009), Inês Ribeiro (2009-2010), João Pereira (2010-2012), José D'Orey (2012-2013), Marco Barata (2013-2014), Simão Guerreiro (2014-2015), João Ferreira (2015-2016), João Tito Gouveia (2016-2017), Miguel Neves (2017-2018), Manuel Cabaço (2018-2021), David Nunes (2021-2022), until the present date, Maria Monteiro, who took office in April 2022.

In 2015, during Simão Guerreiro's mandate, in the year when the Student Association of IADE celebrated 20 years of existence, a rebranding of the Student Association was carried out, in order to mark the date and to rejuvenate the brand image. This work was prepared by the then Vice-President of the Students' Association, João Tito Gouveia, with the help and expertise of Professor Fernando Oliveira.

Over the years the institution has also grown, now being part of the European University group, adding a significant number of study areas, reaching, to date, more than 2700 students - the largest number on record.

In 2019 was the year in which the institution celebrated 50 years since its foundation, being honored all those who, to date, collaborated and belonged to IADE-UE, in a ceremony at Palácio Chiado (former headquarters of IADE).

With this brief explanation of what we were, we would very much like you to know what we are, and to witness what we will be.

IADE Be, IADE Always!


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