Campus Events

Outside of the classroom, during their studies, the students have the opportunity to connect with their classmates and academic community through several events and activities.

Welcome Day
In September, before classes start, IADE welcomes new students in true academic style. Besides the presentation of the academic structure, students get the opportunity to participate in a number of fun activities which aim at quickly integrating them into the University and the academic spirit.

International Welcome Week
To welcome the students who are taking part in international mobility and to encourage their integration, every semester IADE holds a welcome week. During this week, in addition to several academic integration activities, the school helps students find accommodation and aids them with all administrative procedures.

Forum Alpha
Forum Alpha is the biggest entrepreneurship and innovation event promoted by Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM. During its 6 editions, the Forum has already seen the presence of over 3,000 participants, 50 speakers and more than 40 companies and successful national entrepreneurship projects.
This event is held in November on a “day without classes”, such that the whole community can participate.

Social Responsibility Day
Social Responsibility Day is a symbolic annual event held by Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM where the academic community is invited to participate in a volunteering project of a social and/or environmental nature. Over 800 volunteers have already participated in the Day, marked in the school calendar as a day without lessons.

Creative Week
During Creative Week, the students work in multidisciplinary teams amongst the various courses in order to respond to a briefing issued by a company. The various teams of students develop a project to find a creative solution to the challenge presented. The winning team will get the chance to see its project implemented.

Creative Night
At Creative Night, students are challenged early in the evening by companies from various areas of activity, to create a project. During a marathon evening of work, the teams of students receive guidance from University faculty and creative teams in the preparation of their proposals and of the Pitch they will be presenting the next morning.

The iFuture employability seminars bring to the University campus human resources professionals from a variety of companies with the purpose offering students career guidance. During these seminars, the students get the opportunity to hear, first hand, what companies are looking for when they are recruiting and the best tips to succeed in a recruitment process.

Guest Speakers
Throughout the academic year, IADE welcomes a number of guest speakers who discuss various issues regarding the latest trends in the training areas at the school. The students and faculty thus have the opportunity to establish contact with specialists from the various areas and broaden their knowledge.

Graduation Ceremonies
Every year, IADE holds a ceremony at the end of the academic year to celebrate the graduation of its Bachelor’s, Master's and Post-Graduate finalists. It is a very important event for the whole community as it is a significant milestone in the life of the students who have completed their academic marathon and have achieved yet another goal in their lives.