Universidade Europeia

The Universidade Europeia is part of the largest global group of Higher Education - Laureate International Universities - and offers access to Student-centred quality education.

It stands out for its ability to innovate and for its differentiated academic model which is founded on the principles of quality, internationalisation and the proximity to business and the labour market.
The preparation of its students aims at making them the Global Professionals of the future, equipping them with all the tools they need to achieve professional success anywhere in the world.

Universidade Europeia grants academic Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, and also offers Post-Graduate courses in a host of areas such as Business, Law, Psychology, Human Resources, Marketing, Communication, Sports, Computer Science and Technologies, and it stands out as a leading establishment of higher learning in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Create global professionals.

Contribute to the development of a global society by preparing students, promoting an entrepreneurial attitude, based on the principles of social responsibility, internationalisation, excellence in research and employability.


To be a benchmark international University and the establishment of choice for students and employees.



Train top-notch entrepreneurs and professionals, using innovative methods and preparing them for the global market.
  • Rigour: In the academic development of the programmes and students, and throughout process management.
  • Diversity: A wide range of quality programmes at the various levels of higher education.
  • Universality: In the preparation of professionals for a world without borders, encouraging and providing contacting with other cultures.
  • Innovation: In being able to adapt to market needs, offering cutting-edge methods and content in order to successfully prepare students.


Find out more: www.europeia.pt