Summer Course

Summer Course in Global Design I


If you want to sharpen your skills in creative thinking and solving problems of form and function, check out this course. You will learn about the thought process and creative research that goes into creating a design object. You will learn basic principles of design thinking, creative research, and design methodology in the fields of visual design and product design.

To gain creative inspiration, your class will explore Lisbon’s cultural scene and museums, including the Design Museum and the Cultural Centre of Belém.

You will also experiment with design techniques in IADE’s laboratories (3D lab, print lab, and media lab), to make your ideas come to life.

Summer Course - Global Design


This course in Global Design is addressed to creative students who wish to explore techniques of visual communication, as well as the design of objects and spaces.


Who it's for

For students with no background in the subject area / having completed their first university year in the field.

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Duration / Schedule

2 weeks / June 27 - July 7





For International Students

  • 2 weeks - € 1.095

  • 4 weeks - € 1.895
    (4 weeks in Lisbon (level I + level II) or 2 weeks in Lisbon + 2 weeks in Madrid/Milan/Berlin)

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