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Liliana Faria


Liliana Faria is an assistant professor at the Universidade Europeia (since 2009), where she also serves as a member of the Scientific and Pedagogical Councils (since 2017). She has a degree (2003), and a PhD (2008) in Psychology, in the area of Vocational Psychology. She is a researcher at the CSG - Research in Social Sciences and collaborates with the research group Career Development and Counseling, School of Psychology, University of Minho. His research activity has focused on the areas of Psychology, more specifically on the themes of career construction throughout life cycle. In this context, he participated in different research projects, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology. She is the author of several national and international articles published in scientific journals of the specialty. She is a founding partner of the Portuguese Association for Career Development and effective member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists.

Av. Dom Carlos I, 4

1200-649 Lisboa. Portugal

+351 213 939 690

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